Happy New Year Script for blogger [WhatsApp viral script]

New year is about a month left but worry not we got lastest new year script for blogger which free to everyone .
How to Use New Year scriptStep 1. To get started you need have this new year script which can be downloaded by clicking on below download button .
Step 2. it redirect to all festival wishing script afterwards select new year script will open drive where see can click download button to get script.
Step 3. Create new blog with unique url then consider to setup a domain from freedom or any other free domain website.
Step 4. Open notepad ++ or any code editor then replace sharrer button url with your blog url.
Step 5. Copy all script code then to blogger theme and click on edit them before any further select  second cantempo theme.
Step 6. Scroll bottom click revert to classic then again revert to classic and make sure turn off header .
Step 7. Now paste your copied code and click on save button hold few seconds until see successful saved then go to homepage and give a shot it's …

Christmas Script for blogger free download

Christmas Script for blogger free download and its another upcoming opportunity to grab some impressive, click and reward.

To earn rewards require came up different ideas that going only ways working in this Christmas festival session and little competition may be grown up but still those who are for make something will look what works for them or not.

What You should keep in mind !
1. When a new thing introduct among people they resist so, be patient.
2. Christmas is festival which celebrated internationally meanwhile start promotion other nations.
3. It's huge festival can dive traffic in millions using proper strategy.
4. In every country has some social media popular might you not heard before like in U.S.A  and Canada where is reddit popular social media.
5.  To post link of your in groups required as rules of their communities so, it's advice join them fullfill rule before Christmas.
What's New in This Script This Christmas script is made by sjtalks2 and tried to get some CSS…

Your Blog doesn't Qualify For Adsense [ Fixed and Got Approval ]

First Time i need encounter this your blog doesn't Qualify for Adsense but not first time trying get adsense approval andits eighteenth number  and counting in past some months.

What Do I Mean by that ?Everything started when i received message through contact us form in same blog Where he stated :-
hello,I have done all you said in your video, but still it shows "your blog is not qualify for adsense" and more text written.

Just for reference copied message first two lines and he saying about this video , then I replied back asking his blog link and found few problems but not enough get favourable results.

Earlier faced similar problem in my own blog still can't justify without knowing what is causing this problem then started some research got nothing worthy infographic then to make sure without jumping to a particular awful conculsion .

What I found ? by asking in forum websites and contact some successful blogger who having years of experiences  came to these points.


YouTube Play buttons : Everything You Should Know About !

YouTube Play buttons or Youtube Creator Awards are provided to YouTube channel owners those who passes a certain Number of subscribers and Every single milestone already setted with few exception policy made by YouTube .

YouTube holds rights toward rewards a particular channel if A youtube channel not get any awards then consider never going get any YouTube play buttons and these are the exemptions or things prevent to get Play button which are changes made in policy few time back ago for more click here.

YouTube Play Button Lists
Earlier this awards only know as total number of available awards are three for youtube creators until few YouTube channel made a big achievement and rest is history.

1. Silver Play Button :-
This award is given when a youtube channel surpasse 100,000 subscriber.
what is special about this play button ?
 This silver play button is first award your going to receive as creators awards and it's first award which Youtube introduce for their creator to appricate har…

Independents Day Wishing Script for blogger 2019 [Free Download]

This 15 August Is special day which make us feel Proud and independent and give opportunity for event blogger earn money form Happy independent day wishing whatsapp viral script for blogger and its available for free download.

independents day is celebrating in whole country same as other festival celebrated in india and give equally important without any kind of racism and castism so on but rather than we are here know about script .

Without anything further let's start and as usual we seen first about feeature then benefits and how we can monitize it and  how to download.

Independent Day Script FEATURES 
1. Its Available Free and Premium Script

2.Share on Whatsapp and Facebook is accessible

3. Win greatest income with no venture.

4. Completely responsive yet best view in versatile as it were.

5. redirection/bolted or blocking content free.

6. No Backlink or any connect to this blog.

7. Organized Coded with html and master level scripting.

8. Overly simple to screen guests by including Goo…

How To Get 1000 Subscribers on Youtube [Unbelievable Secrets]

Its not probably a job which can be done in one day at least for new YouTube channel, Get 1000 subscriber on YouTube one of the hurdle which come in way of monetisation and necessary to continue journey and finish on time if fail do that then soon come a time to close channel.

Checkout These Also :-

1.Killer techniques from Point Number 5 to 9 [Secret of Successful

2. How to Make Money on Youtube Without AdSense.

A human being required necessary things to survive in this world like food, shelter, clothes and in same way to survive in taught competition you have to be eagerly look for opportunities.

opportunities always come for who analysis and give quick right responses without crossing their categories like a digital marketing YouTuber can't make video on latest smartphone lauches and review.

I believe if Properly excuted then its not going take more than 2 months thats right !  and lots of time you must heard that or done some research on how much  time took your favourite …

Raksha Bandhan WhatsApp Viral Script for blogger [PRO Script]

Raksha Bandhan wishing script for blogger :- This rakhsa Bandhan Get ready to FREE Download and earn money big amount just wishing to peoples as much as possible for any event blogger even for you and Raksha bandhan WhatsApp viral script for blogger.

May me this time Everyone going celebrate two festival on same day one is independent which is national festival of country that day is pretty important for us and second is raksha Bandhan where a sister tie up a rakhi took promise to protect her.

Its depends upon you which script want to setup upcoming 15 august but here i provide both of them with a video where details instruction step by step must check it out.

Warning :- This whatsapp viral script is prepared by me and own all right regarding Any kind of commerce use like selling this script and making YouTube video but feel free to use own blog.

Raksha Bandhan Wishing Script  FEATURES
1. Its 100 % Free and Pro Script
2. Whatsapp and Facebook sharer is available 
3. Earn maximum revenue with…

How to Earn Money from YouTube Without Adsense [ $1,473/monthly ]

At beginning its takes time earn from AdSense either a YouTube channel or Website . 

But here is twist, From starting of youtube channel Earn Money Without Adsense .

Its Considerable thing if want good results then stick with one thing at a time then try another.

Why Adsense Take Time Earn From ?

First hurdle come that's Monitization YouTube channel its very sucks things after Google new policy where 1000 subscriber required .

When subscriber reached then still can't earn from adsense some money because its noticed that untill 5,000 or 10,000 crossed YouTube channel that depends on category.
Can't Earn good earnings. 
There some factors working parallely that are Number of subscribers, age of channel, content quality, numbers of videos, engagements, Ads bids and festival seasons etc.
Now from here start post don't forget to comment which one do you like most and want any improvement feom following method.
1. Provide Services
While creating good content videos for your YouTube ch…